Wednesday, June 1, 2011

San Frikkin Cisco

Arrived at San Fran hungry. Of all the places we could have chosen, went to the nearest Indian buffet. Tasted like home food. Not the mouth-watering, my granny's the best cook ever home food, the come home at 11 pm and eat a week old dal kind. The only redeeming factor was the kheer and the freezing gulab jamun.

Onto Golden Gate Bridge. A thousand photos and a very windy walk later, I was at peace.

Trying to find the crookedest street in the world involved more than 3 hours of driving with an unreasonably confused GPS.

Decided it was better done on foot. An unplanned walk up to Coit tower through steep stairs surrounded by teensy gardens and beautifully quaint houses later, I found my happy place.

A kind stranger gave us a map of SF, and we still couldn't find the elusive Lombard street. We were ready to give up when we spotted it.

Just how crooked can a street be? You have to see it to believe it.

San Fran just has to be done. Just has to. Even though I skipped all the art deco-y period stuff and most of the tourist-y places like Alcatraz, I felt like singing through it all.

It is one of the most beautifully quaint cities on earth. I will be going back, for sure.

I discovered I am a soft gooey traveler inside, complete with squeals at the sight of ancient moldings on downtown buildings. Might be all those hours of Lonely Planet. Then again, it might be San Francisco.