Tuesday, March 25, 2014


People who giggle, have a sense of impy humor about them are such a treat. They remind me to worry less, and laugh more.

Weeks are flying by too fast for me to appreciate them. So many snippets of time, so many experiences feel like they are slipping through my fingers before I capture them permanently. Scrapbooks, fb pictures, instagram, snippets of IM, this poorly used blog - all the memories are too scattered. I worry that I will lose them. Wish someone would make a flip book of the little things, of the important things, so that I can revive myself when I'm being all angsty and worrisome. My goldfish memory isn't of any use here.

Glorious summer is being planned. My Henry has sprouted some new leaves, has survived a whole month under my care. A weekly race on Duolingo happens where I am invariably left in the dust by a self-congratulating Iowan and a certain Fez.

On a sunny saturday not too long ago, we found some weed in a Geocache in GGP. Discussed different bird species, found out that lawn bowling exists and discovered a tiny door in a tree reminding me of Enid Blyton.

I now can say that I know a person who says YOLO unironically. Hope it's not contagious.