Monday, May 6, 2013

Zen and The Art of Motorcycle License Testing

Another week, another couple of hours wasted pondering the many existential crises that comes saddled with a Monday morning. I am yet to attain anything remotely close to Zen. Bikram yoga, when will I see the miracles that you famously promise on your website? Will it take more than the ten sessions that my groupon is valid for?

I got my Motorcycle skill test waived by attending two 5 hour sessions of coaching followed by tests. Stood in the sun for 5 hours, woke up early and skipped breakfasts. Should I buy a motorcycle or should I not? That is the question. Help me out here, imaginary readers of this blog. Is it a good buy or am I just throwing money out the window, to be caught by some sleazy dealer or greasy guy from craigslist?

The weekend was filled with the riches of Indian food that only the bay area can provide without ripping giant holes in one's pocket. And at an archaic parking ticket machine, a stranger was kind to me. As they say on the internet nowadays, Faith in Humanity restored.