Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy new year 2013

The new year began with a semi thrilling flight scare. Midway to Chicago, at about thirty thousand feet in the air, the pilot announces that some mechanical warnings were popping up on the dashboard that he couldn't fathom and that we will have to land at the closest airport. For the next fifteen minutes, I tried not to think about why I didn't pay attention to the safety briefing, why I was reading my book when the flight attendant was announcing the different ways to inflate the life vest. After some mild heart palpitations, I decided to continue reading as it was the one way I could keep from constructing horrifying scenarios involving balls of fire in the sky.

When I finally reached home after an overnight delay and mediocre sandwiches for breakfast, I went around my building so that I can check on my precious car, whose fate I was afraid for since roommate put the thoughts of car thefts in my head before I left for my trip.

No car thieves or vandals had happened by. Just a bunch of migratory birds who had decided to land on my car for what seemed to be a communal poop ritual.

Though the trip didn't end very well, it was in fact quite pleasant. Met some old friends, watched Les Miserables and bemoaned my inability to sing that well, and tried out archery. Went with sore arms to roam about freezing New York, and delighted in the maddening crowds at Times Square again.