Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lists, anyone?

This weekend has been a physical roller coaster.

Things which I have never paid attention to before are assuming astonishing significance, public transport for starters.

I'd like to give a thankful nod to the guys up top for -

1. Distributed Systems, especially VOIP.
2. Big Fat Red Markers.
3. Tiny Chinese take out boxes.
4. Knowing that there is someone always willing to go to Panera bread with me.
5. Old english ladies with offerings of instant coffee.

Learning is fascinating, be it about the Japanese Maple and root systems or the prospect of tennis lessons.

Roses come in many forms, some sweet, some pretty. But my favorites are those that come in a box.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Retarded, that's what I see.

People, especially the ones using those god forsaken meme creator things, have taken a crap on creativity.

Making a joke is supposed to require some skill, as is drawing a comic. Attaching a butt ugly troll face to an everyday situation does not make it funny, only goes to show that you have the brains of a slug. Not any regular slug, but a slime encrusted slug which never sees the light of day.

All artists are not funny and all comics can't draw. Take Randall Monroe, the creator of XKCD, he publishes one of the most funny web comics today, and he draws stick figures. You can't draw, you say. I say fine, I know regular people can come up with a funny joke or two and the pressure of social media these days requires them to 'publish' it. I don't want you to create professional looking drawings or even any drawings. Just don't use those horrendous internet meme faces. That's all I ask.

If it doesn't seem funny to you without those faces, then it's probably not funny at all. Just stop. Making. Those. Memes. Stop cluttering the internet with your lowest of the low art forms, if you can call it that. It frankly assaults the senses of any self respecting human being.

It just goes to show that creativity or self expression has just given up, keeled over and died.

Who is this Herp/Derp person. Why is it not moi or me, but 'le me'? Who thinks this is funny?
Why do all the faces have a squint? Why do they all look super f*ing retarded?

If I find the guy who first drew them, I'd like to give him a kick in the nuts so fast, all he'll remember is to never use Paint again.