Sunday, May 18, 2014


Making a list to survive an apocalypse:

1. Water purifying tablet
2. Water skin
3. Knife(s)
4. Wheelbarrow or a reasonable fascimile
5. Matches, lighter, candles
6. Mechanical flashlight
7. First aid kit
8. Sturdy shoes
9. Carabiners, rope
10. Notebook and pen
11. One Trustworthy person

I bought a safari hat and some cholera killing, water purifying tablets from an Army Surplus store yesterday. Feeling very outdoorsy, like I can take on anything. Armed with malaria medication and tubes of DEET, the trip to the rainforest is somehing I cannot wait for!

Oh, and also this thing called the FIFA world cup, no big deal.

One thing I've come to realize, if I ever have to give into a life of domesticity, I want to steal the life of Rose and her alter-ego Vicki.

Thank you Pat Brady :)

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